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New Blues Jam Tracks Album 3

New Blues Jam Tracks Album 3

1 February 2019

Blues Album 3

"The latest Blues Album by Coffee Break Grooves sounds perfect. The authentic feel and vibe provide the perfect backdrop for honing your blues chops, allowing you to dig deep and play from the soul.  Enjoy, I know I will". - Roberto Restuccia

“I’m loving the new tracks from Coffee Break Grooves. The Blues Album 3 stays true to the classic I IV V chord arrangements. And although they have a predictably these classic changes enable a freedom to jam, explore and ultimately develop one’s playing ability and style. Truly great potential and truly great fun!”. - Roy Fulton

Hi Chris, beautiful new blues album, amazing drummer, and very nicely recorded, nice dynamics! Love the deep sound of the drums. Congrats!! - Costa Arvanitidis


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