Video Lessons

Welcome to the Coffee Break Grooves library of video guitar lessons. Each lesson is based on one of our renowned backing tracks, and provides detailed instruction on how to master the groove and improve your playing. Lessons are available for free or to purchase as an instant download package for you to keep.

Soul Sessions Premium 3

The third of our series of Soul Premium lesson packages, featuring a smooth, melodic solo by Stel Andre.

This Soul Sessions Premium 3 Video Guitar Lesson Package contains:

Folder 1
* Complete Performance Video of the solo
* Complete Solo Tab

Folder 2
* 15-minute CBG audio backing track: Soul 3-4 Bm 115 bpm
* Chord chart for this backing track

6 Slow Tempo Video Folders
In each folder:
* 1 slow tempo video
* 1 slow tempo video tab
* Scales & Chord Diagrams
* Guitarist’s Notes

Level - Intermediate 

Stel Andre

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