Free Backing Track

Download one of the 15 minutes long backing tracks of your choice below.

We are very happy to offer everybody a free sample backing track to showcase the outstanding quality of our tracks, played by real musicians using real instruments. Have fun jamming with your new track and we’d love to hear your experience! - From all of us at Coffee Break Grooves.

Here's a testimonial by a fellow musician who purchased our tracks. We can't say it better than this!

“I have played guitar for many years. Your backing tracks are definitely the best backing tracks available in the world. I tried many others, but yours are number one for the following reasons: groove, length (15 minutes each), sound quality and musical variation. It is really good to have a highly professional band. Moreover the length of 15 minutes does not mean that the backing track will repeat itself over and over, the music changes and there are different music situations in the same track. So congratulations and Thanks because I really needed to find this type of backing track. - Marco L., Italy”